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If it were me, I’d spend the time looking for my soulmate — although I’m not even sure stuff like that exists.” 

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A perfect life doesn’t exist. As you live, unexpected accidents happen and irreversible mistakes are made. But every time we fall and get hurt in life, we always discover the confidence to change. We realize other people’s pains… Or we realize ourselves maturing. Could that not be where love starts? So, even if we make mistakes and fail again, we will continue to grow and challenge ourselves.

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Soo Wan. I’m here. I’m in front of you.

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One final word. I won’t be fooled twice. I will be watching for how that money is used. If it threatens our clan, you will have to deal with me. A clan … is not more important than people. I hate to see a great man like you enslaved to a family name.

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"I thought it wouldn’t matter if I couldn’t see… But dad, what should I do? There’s someone I really want to see. How he looks at me. How he looks when he laughs. Will a day when I can really see him come?"

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"From now on, don’t disappear without my permission. You’re going to promise me, right?"